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Shopping for people at Christmas is always a challenge, it can be more so for a friend or family member who is into RC racing. It's a very addictive hobby and racers don’t think about buying much else than the latest chassis or upgrade parts. This is why you usually get a very thoughtful face from them but no answer when you ask "What do you want for Christmas?". Although us racers will always want something to make our cars lap faster there are a few gifts which would brighten up our pit table while we spend hours tinkering with our "toys".

Last Sunday RC Club Hub made a trip over to Manor RC in Mansfield. As I'm very new to off road racing I liked the look of their track which has a slight feel of indoor on-road circuits about it.

Using only the information off the Hub, we quickly found the Manor Sports centre and their cool Sports Barn where the track is set up in. Arriving early we meet Mike the Clubs director who gave us a quick rundown of the club and how the meeting is run. Manor RC are a relatively new club and have only been running since 2014. In that short time they have gone from having nothing, to what is now a very impressive setup.