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Shopping for people at Christmas is always a challenge, it can be more so for a friend or family member who is into RC racing. It's a very addictive hobby and racers don’t think about buying much else than the latest chassis or upgrade parts. This is why you usually get a very thoughtful face from them but no answer when you ask "What do you want for Christmas?". Although us racers will always want something to make our cars lap faster there are a few gifts which would brighten up our pit table while we spend hours tinkering with our "toys".

To help anyone buying for a RC racer this Christmas we have put together a list of gifts that should help. All the products are available for Amazon so you don’t need to hunt for any hobby shops to find them.


lampPit light - £11.99

These are always handy when working on the tight confined spaces of RC Cars. The Sidiou rechargeable LED folding table lamp makes the perfect pit light. It folds up neatly for a pit box and charges from a USB connection.
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speakerBluetooth Speaker - £16.99

Lots of drivers have a bluetooth speak with them to make their pit area feel more homely. The Anker SoundCore mini speaker is a best seller on Amazon and is compact enough for a pit box with great sound quality. Another handy feature is that you can load a micro SD card in it with music on.
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trayMagnetic tray - £4.99

If you want to buy a stocking filler for someone then this tool is perfect. Am-Tech 6-inch Magnetic Dish is very useful for not losing little nuts and screws during a rush repair job.
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tool bagTool bags - £8.82

Another stocking filler to keep all those expensive tools together. These C.K Magma 3 Pocket Packs are the perfect size for tools and look very cool.
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temp gunTemperature sensor - £8.65

For all electric powered RC racers this is very handy tool for avoiding heat damage to motors. The Temperature Gun Mini Pocket is very compact and available at a good price.
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vernierVernier - £9.99

Another very handy tool is a vernier for those millimetre setup changes. The Tacklife DC01 Advanced Vernier is very accurate and even looks the part next a carbon fibre loaded race car.
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manualHayes Manual - £17.99

Most racers will tell you they know everything about car setup and preparation, but all racers have bad setup days. I promise they will have a good read of this Hayes RC Manual, however big their head is.
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mamboIndoor Mini Drone - £89

Drones are a new craze sweeping the world. Most RC racers will love the new challenge of trying to control one. Parrot make some of the best valued drones on the market, the Mambo Mini Quadcopter is perfect for keeping a racers thumbs entertained while they're away from the track. I personally own one of these and it's by far the best indoor drone I've ever tried.
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Robot wars - £36

Another radio controlled gift you could buy is some RC fighting robots. The HEXBUG BattleBots Rivals is a very cool toy based on the BattleBots US TV series. Most RC racers enjoy the UK version of Robot Wars so this gift is sure to be a hit.
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acerTablet - £119

Another good form of entertainment in the pits is via a computer tablet. We recommend the Acer Iconia TAB 8W W1-810-16D2. It's 8inch screen makes it small enough to fit in a pit bag but also big enough to enjoy a motorsport based movie on. The Iconia has good performance and is also windows based so it can be used to update some of the electronics used in the cars.
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dremelDremel - £36

This is always a handy tool to have in a pit box. Dremel make the best rotary tools on the market and the 3000 is compact with enough attachments to suit any rc racer.
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So that’s our list, we hope it helps with your shopping and you have a great Christmas and New Year. Happy Racing.